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How to get the most benefit from a virtual assistant for your business

Editors Note: Expert content needs an expert content writer and Yorkshire Powerhouse is pleased to publish this business advice article on getting the most benefit from a virtual assistant, kindly written by a real expert in her field – Michelle Poole from Virtual Hand.

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Benefits vs features – always an area of discussion and a VA partnership is no different.

Ensuring your VA is doing what you need doing within your business is essential. If, however, you don’t really know what you need, and you are relying on your VA to tell you, then you will not see the benefits.

Take some time to analyse what you do, how long it takes you and whether you like it or not. A couple of weeks should be ample time – from that study, you can then identify what you are willing to hand over (very important step).  A VA may offer to send out your invoices but actually you love the process and seeing the figures adding up … so this is not a good thing to outsource as it gives you a great deal of satisfaction and you like to personalise the invoice message. However, if you’re happy to hand over and it’s pretty much automated then go ahead and hand over the reins.

You may have tasks that you agonise over, procrastinate in getting done and take you ages to complete – these are prime candidates for outsourcing. Giving away all that stress and angst is a good thing; for everyone.

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Talking through your ‘programme’ of work with your VA can also highlight other skills available to you – maybe they can top and tail projects and you simply get involved in the critical work rather than the mundane document processing or form filling.

Your VA partnership could include tracking projects and keeping you accountable and up to speed. It’s good to have a third party on your side when time is short and pressure is high.

Regular update meetings are so valuable when there are many projects on the table. Couple them with shiny new projects and new distractions for your time (even a new pooch can impact an altogether precisely run machine) and it is so easy to lose sight of what needs to be delivered now.

It is a partnership – with the same goals and focus – work together to achieve success.

Bringing outsourced administrative and marketing assistance into your business can give you the time to plan, strategise and grow – find an expert who you can work with and embrace their abilities and skill.

Grow your business with a virtual administrator and avoid the costs of traditional recruitment.

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