How to find a virtual assistant

How to find a virtual assistant who can help you run your business

Virtual assistants are pretty commonplace these days with plenty to choose from but how to find the right one for you?

Every business is different, with different things that can be outsourced.

There are always a number of similar ones such as making appointments, dealing with emails or creating documents of all manner, but then there are the ones that your business does specifically.

It’s obvious that you’d want someone experienced in these areas to support you – or is it enough that you could train them and their values and personality are more important to fit in with both you and others that may work with you?

Identifying what you want a VA to do can sometimes be difficult. VAs can do many things but are you ready to allow them to?

It’s easy to spot a business owner that needs a VA; much harder to find a business owner that is ready to work with a VA.

Outsourcing is an important element for a business to grow, but could, if not done correctly ruin the reputation of that business and lose it business. Once you are comfortable with the concept of someone else seeing your efforts; knowing the nitty-gritty and perhaps seeing you at your worst as well as your best then let’s move on.

First question – is location an issue? Yes, VAs are ‘virtual’ by name but that doesn’t mean you can’t meet them, handover stuff and generally ‘work together’ for half or full days.

Recommendations are always good – as well as checking out testimonials (you may find other skills you’d not thought of) and then following up with a face to face (or zoom/skype) meeting.  Take a look at their recommendations on LinkedIn to see if other customers are willing to publically endorse their skills.

There’s also a list of stuff like insurance, contracts, GDPR compliance and confidentiality to consider … and you must be sure you are happy with the arrangement.

Finally, are they within your budget or, even, did you have a budget? Always a difficult topic to discuss but you need to be happy with your level of investment and value received in return.

Again, lots of VAs to choose from so make sure you do your due diligence.

Bringing outsourced administrative and marketing assistance into your business can give you the time to plan, strategise and grow – find an expert who you can work with and embrace their abilities and skill.

Grow your business with a virtual administrator and avoid the costs of traditional recruitment

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