Being Productive and not a fool

Did you check out the earlier article on this subject – Time Management: Busy vs Productive?

How many of those busy fool traits did you have and made you really think about how you could do things differently?

Let me show you the opposite attributes and perhaps you could look to adapting your current practices and become productive in your working day (night) and use your time more effectively – making the right choices for your activities.

Having a huge to do list

The opposite is having a list of things that need to be done, today, and perhaps a top 3. Reducing the pressure of completing the list but making great inroads to those things that will make a big impact on your business.


As we said swapping and switching means your attention is dragged from one thing to another and it takes time to get back on track. So, focusing on one thing is key. Cut the distractions (especially if you’re like me and nip over to see what the latest ping is – instantly!) Close the tabs, close the apps, and only have the one thing you are working on open. Focus and get it done quicker and will better results as you’re ‘all in’.

Skipping breaks

Put them in the diary – make sure you have a morning and afternoon break to stretch the leg and rest the brain. Then a lovely lunch break – get out into the fresh air or switch the brain onto something less challenging! Taking a break every 90 mins or so will have you returning refreshed and revived to continue. That break could be a cup of tea, reading a book or a walk around the block – pooch will definitely thank you for that one.

Say ‘yes’ to everything

We love to say yes – but consider the implications of such a response. Is it going to benefit you and your business plans to do that work, take on that project, work with that company? Say yes, of course, but be strategic and ensure it is working for you and your goals.

Being task orientated

A massive mindset move for this one (especially for me). I am so task orientated, based on my client work definitely and how I work for me too. But switching to focusing on outcomes is a really cool way of working. Starting with the outcomes you are wanting – breaking it down to the work you are doing. These will, in turn, be tasks but they are linked to a bigger outcome which is driven by your goals.

Dashing from one project to another

All I can say is breathe! Review, evaluate, reflect! Was it the best outcome, completed in the optimum way, with the least number of duplications? Did it work? Evaluations are great to identify what could be done better – for next time. Continually improving and creating best practice – the key to an efficient and effective machine.

Food for thought?

See if you can change just one of your busy attributes to a productive one. You will thank yourself for it.

Bringing outsourced administrative and marketing assistance into your business can give you the time to plan, strategise and grow – find an expert who you can work with and embrace their abilities and skill.

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The role of a virtual assistant

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How to find a virtual assistant

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