How to make your administrative procedures run like a Swiss clock

How to make your administrative procedures run like a Swiss clock

Are you setting out how you do things in your business?  If you’re on your own and think it’s all in your head and there’s only me to do it so why spend time documenting it? Then I have news for you – you may be the ideal candidate for setting up your procedures manual.

Documenting how you do things in your business enables you to:

  • Identify inefficiencies in the business
  • Improve how you do things
  • Train a new member of the team
  • Set standards of work within the business
  • Have a platform to grow
  • Ensure balls aren’t dropped because you forgot to ask, forgot to send, forgot to order.

Having set ways of doing things ensures all customers get the same great service. Also when looking at improving your business/services you have a starting point from which to ask customers what else you could be doing or survey them to see what other ideas you have that may be viable.

How to start setting up your administrative procedures?

Just start writing down how you do things; such as:

Handle a new enquiry:

Is everyone dealt with in the same way, sent to the same sign up form, sales process and getting the job started in the same way? Is there a reason why ‘people you know are dealt with differently to those you don’t’, is there a criteria for special conditions?

Getting paid

Is the invoice sent out at the same time with the same terms and tracked or progressed the same way every time? What do you do if they don’t pay, what’s the timelines before you stop work and get a debt collection agency involved?

Delivery of your goods/services

Is there a set process for delivery method, sign off by the client, collection of testimonials and recommendations, loyalty scheme, etc?

I’m sure you will get the idea once you start looking at the many things you do in your business. Once it’s all written down, you can improve or see where you can outsource or drop those jobs that have no impact!

Don’t forget; it’s a working document so set a date to review them (6-12 months) and test they are still what you are doing and how they have improved – or slipped!

Good luck – it takes time but it is certainly a worthwhile job to do.

Bringing outsourced administrative and marketing assistance into your business can give you the time to plan, strategise and grow – find an expert who you can work with and embrace their abilities and skill.

Grow your business with a virtual administrator and avoid the costs of traditional recruitment.

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