The role of a virtual assistant

The role of a virtual assistant and how to work together to grow YOUR Business

Virtual Assistants are pretty common these days – plenty to choose from – we’ll come to that in another blog; but I want to tackle that question of how a VA can support you in your business growth.

First and foremost, VAs are business owners too. This gives them a very different perspective and knowledge base in which to help.

As business owners offering a business support role, it means their success is really based on yours. If you don’t grow and succeed, then they haven’t done their job right – or (which can sometimes happen) they’ve not been given the opportunity to do so.

Most VAs come from an administrative and supportive role. Learning how to second guess and be proactive comes from roles such as Partner or CEO PAs.

Whereas the lower-level secretarial roles are very much reactive; waiting for the jobs to be given together with comprehensive instructions and no space for misinterpretation or mistakes.

When you have the support of a seasoned PA/EA from the corporate world, you are gaining so much more than a ‘secretary’.  Yes, you are getting all those skills you would expect;

  • Professionalism,
  • Experience in client management,
  • Computer skills,
  • Organisational skills,

… but you are also getting a proactive person that will forward think, maybe even challenge or question in order to provide the best outcome.  They may even have specific knowledge of an industry (which may be important to you) but they may also have taught themselves other skills such as marketing, copywriting, proofreading and website creation.

Working with a VA, therefore, is very much a two-way process; a team environment and the vested interest of another business owner; in your business. Allowing them into your goals and aspirations will bring onboard another person to come along but not just for the ride – they will be there to plan out what needs to be done; bring along other experts if needed (remember they have their own network to bring to bear for your benefit too), continue your dreams and bring about action and achievements.

Why wouldn’t you want all this in your business?

Bringing outsourced administrative and marketing assistance into your business can give you the time to plan, strategise and grow – find an expert who you can work with and embrace their abilities and skill.

Grow your business with a virtual administrator and avoid the costs of traditional recruitment.

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How to find a virtual assistant

How to find a virtual assistant

How to find a virtual assistant who can help you run your business, provide you with improved administration and give you time to grow and develop things

How to get the most benefit from a virtual assistant

How to get the most benefit from a virtual assistant

Ensuring you benefit from a virtual assistant means you need to really know what you need to be able to support and grow your business

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