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Training & Developing Staff

In a small business or start up environment, developing staff (the training of staff) can be an extremely difficult area.

It is important as you design the ‘shape’ of your new start up, or your growing business, that you consciously decide how you wish to approach training and development.

In certain circumstances where work can be broken down into readily understood small modules and labour is freely available you may conclude that it is sufficient to provide training ‘on the job’ and no further.

If you are looking to create a long term family in the workplace, where people delight in making the best of their abilities, then offering them the chance to grow can be invaluable.

The best training and development interventions though are always planned.  They have a clear purpose obvious to the employee and all others around them.  The benefits of the training should also allow the company to improve its overall performance and the employee to progress in the company.

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A recruitment policy we’ve observed that naturally pulls a business forward is to only ever recruit new members of staff that are better than, or add new skills, to the entire business.  The end consequence being that this approach inspires the whole business towards improvement and helps inject new talent into the business.  Obviously, however, this is a more expensive route.

Make development and training a responsibility of the employee themselves.  They should be regularly considering how they can improve their own performance.  Professional training companies will always talk to you about developing staff and performing a skills audit.

Thoughts on developing staff from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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