Returning To Work After Restrictions Are Lifted

Returning To Work After Restrictions Are Lifted

The time has come for organisations to think about asking their people to return to work as the work from home guidance will be removed as restrictions are lifted and in general the public are being advised to make their own decisions on the safety measures they take.

This brings into play a number of considerations for employers to think about. This ranges from how employees feel about the return to work, the logistics of implementing the return.

Here are few examples of the things that would be included in these considerations –

  • What is the plan for return? – Decide on what your plan is, are you bringing everyone back straightaway or are you staggering employees return.
  • What measures will you continue to have? – Will you continue to have measures in place, what will your risk assessment look like now, what will your cleaning and hygiene regime be, will you continue social distance
  • How will people feel? – Talk to every employee and let them know the plan for returning, reassure them of the measures you are continuing to have and give them an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Carry out inductions again – You might want to consider putting all your employees through your induction again, this will help reengage them and help them adjust to being back in the office.
  • Keep employees engaged – Continue to talk to your people and have regular check ins about how they are feeling.
  • Hybrid working – Will you be providing more flexibility about how people work if so, do they have the tools to do the job and have you risk assessed their working location.
  • Will employees want to continue to work from home? – You might find that you have an influx of flexible working requests, how you are going to approach, are you going to accept all applications.
  • How will your policies and procedures change? – If you change your practices, you will need to assess how these affect your policies and procedures.

Whilst developing your plan, you still need to consider Health & Safety and Employment Legislation to ensure you do not breach any appropriate legislation. Essential information gathering in this respect is vital and always remember that as well as protection for your employees, the rules and regulations are there to protect employers as well. For the main sources of additional information regarding returning to work, visit the following websites:

The Government

Health & Safety Executive


Whether you recruit or subcontract, employment law and payroll laws can apply, take good advice and seek the help of experts in this field.

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