e-Learning – What is all the Fuss About?

e-Learning – What is all the Fuss About?

Ultimately, the aim of any business is to bring their products and services to market profitably.

That may sound straightforward enough but in order to sustain and maximise profitability, organisations need to develop and grow. They need to reinvent, adapt and change with the demands of the market. To do this, business leaders and staff need to be constantly honing their skills and learning new skills to maintain a competitive edge.

Most cutting-edge businesses have revolutionised their approach to upskilling their workforce by embracing e-learning. But why e-learning?

There are many benefits that just make sense including:

Great Value.

No travel and subsistence costs, venue hire or expensive downtime. Programmes can be reused, revised and tweaked and once available can be used endlessly, rather than the low coverage achieved via traditional workshops.

Convenient and Accessible Anywhere.

Staff can learn from anywhere at any time from a range of devices such as PCs, laptops, phones, tablets.

Fits a Modern World.

People are seemingly glued to their devices for all manner of daily activity. E-Learning harnesses this fascination and brings learning to the fingertips of anyone.

Self-Paced and Safe.

Learning can be absorbed at a pace that suits the learner. Sections can be revisited to embed understanding and areas of familiarity can be completed quickly. The Interactive nature of eLearning allows learners to develop new skills in a safe environment so that they are confident to bring those skills into the workplace.

Measurable Outcomes.

E-Learning delivered via a learning management system (LMS) makes tracking of learner progress and achievement very easy. Information such as programme completion, engagement in activities, assessment results, and time spent learning can all be accessed easily.

Provision of Specialist Support.

Even with the versatility of e-learning, there may well be a requirement for specialist support and this too can be provided via an LMS.   Chat forums, webinars, and ‘ask the expert’ messaging enables learners to easily access any help they might need.

In summary, there are so many benefits to e-learning that taking training on-line must be one of the most pressing issues for any businesses. Can you and your business afford to be left behind?  The fuss… comes down to great value, convenient, focused training that arms your business to maintain and expand its market position, profitably.

Developing your own skills and those of your staff and colleagues is an inherent part of growing a business – incorporating e-Learning as part of this can be extremely cost-effective and efficient.  Find a training partner who can provide you with a mix of learning options which include off-the-shelf courses and bespoke development to really boost your business growth.

Blunt advice – that would be Yorkshire Powerhouse

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