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Thoughts on seeking expert business support and why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask

We all know the feeling. We have a great idea and have the nous to turn it into a workable business. We work hard at our dream, building it, nurturing it and developing it into a success.

And, while that’s a credible scenario for a great number of entrepreneurs from James Dyson to Trevor Bayliss to Tim Martin, they all share one thing in common … they realise that they’re not experts at everything. After all, if they were, they simply wouldn’t have the time to do their tasks to the full extent of their abilities.

So, the canny entrepreneur and business owner will always recognise that he or she would benefit from external support, help and input.

Call it what you will, the point is that we should embrace third party expertise. If nothing else, a savvy third party expert will give us another perspective on our business – one that perhaps we haven’t thought about or maybe even dismissed.

They will also bring valuable external experience – especially if you choose them with care – which you might be able to use to develop the business in ways you’d not previously considered.

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But we fully understand your reluctance. You’ve built your business from scratch. You’ve held its hand through the bad times. In essence, it’s your baby. And, as the saying goes, no-one is going to take it from you. The point is that, while you’re not averse to some outside help, you certainly don’t want to lose control of any aspect of your life’s work.

What are the upsides of seeking expert business support

The good news is that, if you choose your consultant and your expert wisely, you’ll soon find that they will become a valuable member of your team. A veritable asset, in fact.

Indeed, the great thing about engaging with trusted outside advisors is that they bring a whole wealth of experience into your business, but will stop short of trying to run the business – unless you want them to, of course.

So, by engaging with a real “expert”, you can get the best of both worlds – genuine world-class expertise in the sector you need to receive input into, plus a non-interventionist approach. In essence – they will guide, but not force…

The reality is that a business expert – call them a coach, mentor, advisor or whichever description suits you the best – will give you the exact level of guidance and input that you require, nothing more, nothing less. This means that you can give them a specific problem, into which they will launch themselves, or you can ask them for their particular overview on a more generic issue. In the latter case, they will give you a more ‘helicopter’ view of how they see your business and its operations, including the future prospects, expansion opportunities and threats, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

So, in summary, pick and choose your business expert and supporting team with care – some time and diligence spent at the outset will reward you down the line, as your team of specialists reap you rewards for you, your business and, not least, your peace of mind.

If you’re seeking expert business support, look into their experience, knowledge, historic successes and failures – anyone who hasn’t failed from time to time hasn’t gained the ‘real world’ knowledge that comes from that aspect of life!

Blunt advice from Yorkshire Powerhouse on seeking expert business support

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