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Marketing your Business – Getting Your Message Across to the People Who Matter

There are few things more crucial to the success or otherwise of a business than the issue of marketing. Indeed, unless you tell your key customers about your existence, they will never become customers in the first place. Now that has sunk in, let’s just analyse the implications in a little more detail.

The simple message is this – you might have the best product or service in existence, but you’ll never earn any revenue from it unless you market and then sell it.

Now, it’s probably a truism to say that everyone reckons to be a marketing expert – indeed, on the Yorkshire Powerhouse website we have hundreds of pages dedicated to the subject matter – click here to see some. And, as a business owner, you’ll more than likely come across these so-called “gurus” all the time.

The point is, while marketing your business is a social science, there is much to recommend an analytical approach to promoting your business, your products and your brand.

So, the first step we need to take is to decide how best to describe your product, your service and, indeed, what it is you actually do. In as few words as reasonable – say 30 to 50 – explain what you do. Try to focus on the benefits, rather than the features of your product, otherwise you’ll run the risk of people saying “so what” – especially if you’re trying to explain a technical device or process to them.

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Once you’ve clarified what your product or service does (as distinct from what it is), think about who you should be marketing it to. Now, this is a rather more complex process that merely saying “I’m telling everyone”, or “I’ll marketing it to anyone who wants to buy it”.

At this stage, it’s worth remembering that you’re not just marketing your business to your “end users”. Think more widely – and you’ll soon appreciate that you can be marketing to resellers, consumers, advocates, so-called “brand champions”, trusted third parties, ambassadors, advocates, associated professionals and even competitors.

All these different groups are referred to as “target audiences”, and each of them will respond to a subtly different message from you.

After this, it’s worth have a serious think about the channels you use to communicate with each of these target groups. Each one will embrace different media – ranging from broadcast (TV and radio) to social media to printed news. Equally, some will respond positively to adverts, some to editorial and yet others will appreciate a more direct networking approach, or even a flyer or email.

Finally, it’s worthwhile mentioning briefly about the thorny issue of brand. Although covered in much more detail elsewhere, the principle of brand enables you to charge more for less, build a recognisable presence, add value to your business and, potentially ultimately, establish a saleable business with a viable exit strategy.

When considering your growth strategies, marketing is an essential focal point – but you should approach this from a strategic perspective rather than in a granular way to achieve a stronger, consistent message.

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