Communication and GYMA

Communication and GYMA (Getting Your Message Across!)

Editors Note: Expert content needs an expert content writer and Yorkshire Powerhouse is pleased to publish this business advice article on Business Coaching and improving communication, kindly written by a real expert in his field – Ron Maycock from Business Performance – specialist expertise in coaching, planning, finance and business growth.

Please consider contacting Ron with any business performance coaching you may have in mind – just click on the advert links above or below – and please mention Yorkshire Powerhouse if you do make contact.

What is the purpose of this article?? Simple! By the end of this, you will be able to state your message, to any audience, succinctly, covering all the salient points and for the desired response!!! A bold claim indeed!

Firstly, clear your mind and read the following story: An adaptation of the brilliant Phillip Khan-Panni’s book – Getting your point across.

“I left home early to be with you on this call today.

As I walked towards my car, an attractive blond in a red dress stopped me.

She touched my arm and asked, “where are you off to?”

I said, “I am off to deliver an educational presentation to some business owners on how to communicate effectively”. I said I had been given 5 minutes to explain how to get my point across in just 30 seconds.

She laughed and said – “isn’t that what all business owners do – take 5 minutes to say what could be said in 30 seconds?”

And I wondered if you agree?”

Analysis and understanding:

Now think about the images in your mind and the questions that you are thinking about?

Who was the woman? Did I know her? Are we in a relationship? Do I talk a lot and say very little?

I will let you into a secret – the woman is whoever you believe her to be, created in YOUR head. Powerful isn’t it.

So here is how it works

  • Sentence 1 makes it personal to me and forms common ground with you.
  • Sentence 2 creates a hook – a powerful image that you create your own backstory for
  • Sentence 3 By touching my arm moves the image from your head to my reality (still in your head). We build familiarity so you are interested in our conversation.
  • Sentence 4 positions the theme – point across in 30 seconds
  • Sentence 5 Her Criticism makes it personal to you – do I do that, which is softened by her laughter
  • Sentence 6 The outcome is a real moment for you to become the “hero of this story” – Do you agree?

So in only 30 seconds I have shown you that it is possible to get your point across, engaging you in the story, using your imagination to connect to your emotions.

If you want to communicate better, follow the above, plan what you want to say and define the response you want from those receiving the information.

True communication is the Response you get! As Churchill said – Apologies for writing such a long speech, I didn’t have time to write a short one. Plan to be brief and GET YOUR POINT ACROSS.

If you want to discuss how well you communicate, let’s chat but make your 30 seconds count.

The WHOLE POINT of business coaching is not ‘just’ to coach you but to help you achieve an improved business performance – Yorkshire Powerhouse strongly recommends investing in a skilled business coach who can support and develop your performance to allow your business to grow.

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