Business Coaching for Improved Performance

Business Coaching for Improved Performance

Editors Note: Expert content needs an expert content writer and Yorkshire Powerhouse is pleased to publish this business advice article on Business Coaching, kindly written by a real expert in his field – Ron Maycock from Business Performance – specialist expertise in coaching, planning, finance and business growth.

Please consider contacting Ron with any business performance coaching you may have in mind – just click on the advert links above or below – and please mention Yorkshire Powerhouse if you do make contact.

Coaching a business starts with the business owner. Far too often the biggest barrier to success is the business owner’s current beliefs and actions. To improve your business, we must get you out of your own way and create a business that works for you as opposed to you working for your business.

The reality is that you don’t want a business coach! … you want the results that the coach helps you achieve. You want improvement, growth and increased Business Performance.

So how do we go from our current level of output to an improved level. One of the best “coaching tools” ever developed came from Tim Galloway and “The Inner Game”, where a formula for Performance was first defined – the dreaded PPI!

Performance = Potential – Interference

Very simply, your performance is a direct result of your potential (skills, knowledge, application, physical/mental capacity and experience) MINUS What is holding you back.

What’s your interference?

Putting out fires, dealing with team challenges, not enough time, busy being busy, lacking focus, lacking clarity of direction, limiting beliefs, lack of ambition, self-pity, self-sabotage…..

How can you increase your potential?

Learning how to do things differently, positive beliefs, new skills, surrounding yourself with successful people, the right environment, the right people, a growth mindset, discipline to see it through, extreme focus, practice, practice, practice…..

The important message is that you can achieve significant gains in your business performance by improving yourself!

In business, if we accept the reality of our current Performance (point A), we can improve our business performance to an increased level (point B) by increasing our potential and/or reducing the Interference/barriers to your success.

Here is the rub

You are often so close to the problems in your business, that you can’t see where point B is? The first thing a business coach should do is to provide you with support, give you some simple things to focus on, help you put out some fires and give you a ladder to get your head over the wall in front of you, so you can see a brighter future. A business Coach should help you get from point A to point B, by reducing or clearing the obstacle and creating a “machine” to bridge over and other interference. This is called Business Mastery and eliminates the chaos.

Once your business is stabilised, then we can develop predictable cashflow through marketing and creating a niche. When we are 100% productive having worked harder on the right things, then we start to work smarter through increased efficiency and systemising your business for consistency and repeatability. Once the systems are running 80% of your business, we help you recruit, develop and install a high performing team to run the systems, which run your business. All of this leads to increased Business Performance and a repeatable “Business Machine”

To Summarise, you want a Business Coach that will increase the potential of both you and your business, whilst making sense of the interference that has held you back. You want someone with knowledge of business, who can simplify strategies and tactics to guarantee your success and help you build the “machine” that gives repeatability. You want a business coach who will help you achieve your personal goals by developing a business that works for you. Ultimately you want a Business Coach that guarantees your success rather than failure and you want better Business Performance.

The WHOLE POINT of business coaching is not ‘just’ to coach you but to help you achieve an improved business performance – Yorkshire Powerhouse strongly recommends investing in a skilled business coach who can support and develop your performance to allow your business to grow.

Yorkshire Powerhouse – thinking about business coaching

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