Case Study – Cloud9 Fulfilment

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When did the business start trading:

4th Jan 2021

Who started the business:

Josh Hegarty and Constantine Nicolau.

Tell us what you do and how you do it:

Cloud9 fulfilment works with eCommerce retailers to help them scale their business and achieve rapid growth. We do this by facilitating the entire logistics process ensuring our partners’ requirements are fully and promptly met. We start by integrating our software and systems with their eCommerce channel of choice: be it eBay, Amazon, Shopify or their websites. Then we store, process and package goods ready for dispatch on a same-day basis for next-day delivery.

Who buys your product / service:

At Cloud9 we are constantly growing and innovating our partnerships. As such, our typical client is ambitious and innovative. We work with a wide range of eCommerce businesses, from SMEs breaking out of their home or office environment into a scalable business, to big international companies, such as Australia’s workwear pioneer, Steel Blue. We also partner with ActionCoach, the UK’s leading business coaching network, helping lots of their customers achieve greatness within their businesses.

What makes your business stand out from your competitors:

The success we have helping customers grow. People are the core of business: we take pride in employing the very best. Our friendly and professional team are on hand to provide business-specific advice, understanding and help. This is key in finding bespoke fulfilment solutions, unique to the specific needs and requirements of our partners. From our storage options to packaging services, we provide flexible and adaptable solutions with competitive pricing to match.

What are the main strength/s of your business:

Our people approach is combined with digital innovation. This is what lets us build strong relationships with our partners. We are all about growth and efficiency as individuals, as a business and for our partners. Through our digital approach, we champion transparency across our whole fulfilment process, whilst backing this up with data and analytics. The precise combination of these things with our adaptability has been critical to our success.

What are the values that drive your business:

Shared success. The growth of our teams and our partners is our success. Key to our company ethos is less me, more we. Cloud9 are grafters and expect the same from our workforce. We use our expertise, technology and infrastructure to do the hard work of fulfilment, so our partners can focus on developing their businesses.

What’s your favourite business book and why:

It’s difficult to pinpoint one book, or even a particular person as inspiration. From the people who have inspired and nurtured us in our personal lives, to the established figures we aspire to. As a business and individuals, we draw from our personal knowledge and experience, shaped by those before us. In the words of Isaac Newton, “Standing on the shoulders of giants” as we reach for higher than ever before.

What is the most useful lesson you’ve learned through experience:

Put simply: Make it happen. Despite the challenges that life throws at us, to adapt and overcome, having the determination and flexibility to achieve your dreams. Above all, belief. Belief in ourselves, belief in our support and belief in our ideas. Having started from nothing, it’s these things that have driven our success and continued growth.

What is the main mistake to avoid in future:

You can’t truly avoid mistakes, you can only learn from them. You may end up paying for your lessons, but you can use mistakes as an opportunity to grow. Presently and in the future, we relish mistakes, as we become resilient and well-equipped to deal with whatever comes our way.

Which business success are you most proud of:

Helping people and other businesses grow. This starts with seeing the potential in ourselves and others, then nurturing and developing talent and possibilities. Innovation isn’t limited to technology; it could be small changes for individuals or big changes for companies. We are immensely proud of our staff as they grow and develop with our business.

What are your future ambitions:

We plan to acquire a third warehouse premises this year and hope to grow from 75 permanent staff to 250 by the end of 2023. Beyond this, we want to become the number one fulfilment company in the UK.

Cloud9 Fulfilment - order fulfilment services, proudly based in Yorkshire
Cloud9 Fulfilment - order fulfilment services, proudly based in Yorkshire
Cloud9 Fulfilment - order fulfilment services, proudly based in Yorkshire
Cloud9 Fulfilment - order fulfilment services, proudly based in Yorkshire

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Cloud9 Fulfilment - order fulfilment services, proudly based in Yorkshire

What is a Fulfilment Company?

Order fulfilment is everything that happens between a customer placing and receiving an order – processing, packaging, and delivering orders

Cloud9 Fulfilment - order fulfilment services, proudly based in Yorkshire

How Do Fulfilment Centres Work?

Fulfilment centres are third-party logistics providers (3PL) that handle, process and ship products on behalf of their clients

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