Case Study: The Yorkshire Mafia Limited

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Start date:



Geoff Shepherd

Who are the customers / users:

Business Leaders in the Yorkshire Region

Summary of organisation:

The Yorkshire Mafia is the biggest networking group outside of London with over 21,000+ members who have been selectively chosen because of their position, knowledge and offering. The network comes together both online through Linkedin and face-to-face to support the growing Yorkshire business economy. A thriving network of individuals, we do things differently – we’re renowned for our large scale business events, Buy Yorkshire and Leeds Business Week.

What’s special or unique about the organisation?

We’re a for profit enterprise that doesn’t charge for membership, or to attend 90% of our events.

Core learning from experience:

Building relationships is the ultimate key to being successful in business.

Main success:

Bringing the biggest B2B events outside of London to the Yorkshire stage!

Driving principles:

We bring businesses together to share, learn, support each other and ultimately, where appropriate, trade

Main Strength:

Undoubtedly, our members and their continued engagement.

Yorkshire Mafia Leeds drinks evening.

Yorkshire Mafia’s Huddersfield Huddle networking event.

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