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When did Tandem Patents start trading:

1 August 2016 (Yorkshire Day!)

Who started the business:

Adrian Sewell

Tell us what Tandem Patents do and how you do it:

I assist individual inventors, companies and academic institutions who specialise in engineering and design to obtain, manage and enforce their Intellectual Property rights.

I regularly visit new and existing clients to identify the IP they own and generate, how that IP can be best protected in this country and overseas, and how that IP can be exploited to provide the client with a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

I prepare and file new patent and registered design applications, process such applications at the UK Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office and at the Patent Offices in many overseas territories through a large network of foreign patent attorneys.

I regularly assist clients in determining whether or not a risk of patent infringement exists prior to the launch of a new product or process, and also when monitoring or attacking the validity of a competitor’s patent application or granted patent.

Who buys your product / service:

Clients include individual inventors, companies and universities, particularly those who specialise in engineering and design.

Whilst having much experience working with large multinationals specialising in a wide variety of technologies ranging from automotive, oil & gas, and medical devices, I thoroughly enjoy working with SMEs who specialise in engineering and design and established Tandem Patents to do just that. For example, I work closely with thriving and innovative engineering companies across Yorkshire which I regularly visit to conduct IP audits, discuss new inventions and designs, prepare and file new patent and design applications, and manage and enforce their IP rights.

Although, as a patent attorney, I am an external consultant, I am always treated as one of the team and regularly swap my legal hat for my engineering hat when discussing new products and designs.

What makes your business stand out from your competitors:

With many years’ experience gained from working at large patent firms, I am in a unique position to offer the level of service and security generally expected from a large firm of patent attorneys along with the additional benefits of flexibility, transparency and particularly competitive and fixed costs.

What are the main strength/s of Tandem Patents:

We provide friendly and to-the-point professional advice. Our prices are competitive and are fixed where at all possible to provide transparency and allow our clients to budget accordingly. Whilst being a qualified UK and European patent attorney, I am also a Chartered mechanical engineer which allows me to quickly understand inventions and to communicate efficiently with fellow engineers and designers.

What are the values that drive Tandem Patents:

Quality, Honesty, Transparency.

What’s your favourite business book and why:

To be honest, I am not a regular reader of motivational business books. When I do find time to read, it is usually a classic car magazine or an autobiography about a sporting legend!

What is the most useful lesson you’ve learned through experience:

Whilst training to become a patent attorney in 2006, the founder of a large patent firm once said to me ‘don’t be afraid to try something’. I remember this frequently. It is always better to try something than to sit back and do nothing. In the end, if you try something and it doesn’t work out, at least you tried!

What is the main mistake to avoid in future:

Not trying!

Which business success are you most proud of:

Starting and growing my own business!

What are your future ambitions for Tandem Patents:

To continue growing the business and working with many exciting and interesting individuals and engineering businesses which the UK, and particularly Yorkshire, has in abundance.




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