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When did Madeley Enterprises Ltd business start trading?


Who started the business?

Keith & Chris Madeley

Tell us what you do and how you do it

Our statement is Helping Corporate Britain Educate Children. This is done by assisting corporate bodies to identify messages which they wish to impart to children aged between 4 and 11. Messages such as safety in their industry, knowledge of issues of social importance, environment, ecology and conservation, respect for others, inclusivity and diversity. Thorough research is undertaken with the commissioning partner to ensure accurate and correct information, and the finished product is a beautifully illustrated adventure storybook for children to enjoy and learn valuable lessons to help them through their daily lives.

Examples of the corporate clients we work include Northern Powergrid – their first book was about keeping safe around electricity outside, and the second book to is help children to understand the Priority Services Register and how in their own way they can help. BAM Nuttall’s first book was to explain the need for flood alleviation, its impact on the environment, improvements and necessity. Their second book, currently in production, deals with the need for clean air in our cities, the fun of the park and ride scheme, solar power, the importance of trees, bushes and shrubs, cycle tracks and keeping traffic in town to a minimum.

Who buys your products/services?

Corporate partners and others in the same industry purchase books to assist them with their Social Value Programmes working with schools, open days and community support groups. De-branded books are also available on Amazon and all good bookshops for the general public to purchase.

What makes your business stand out from your competitors?

The project is an original concept with currently no competitors working as we do.

What are the main strengths of your business?

We have a unique model with virtually endless subjects to bring to the table. We have a great team working together to produce information and beautifully illustrated stories for children which are fun to read and good for learning. The medium used in the stories is traffic cones which come to life when no-one is looking. Having no race, colour or creed, the four cone characters appeal to children across the world.

What are the values which drive Madeley Enterprises?

Helping children to have fun and at the same time engage with:

  • Being good friends
  • Embracing and respecting differences
  • Taking care of themselves and others
  • Having lovely manners
  • Learning how to keep safe
  • Learning who may keep them safe
  • Being inclusive
  • Diversity
  • Respecting nature
  • Being ecologically aware
  • Being environmentally aware

What is your favourite business book and why?

Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich because there are good practical tips and is written in an easy manner with information easily assimilated.

What is the most useful lesson you’ve learned through experience?

Perseverance is necessary to achieve.

What is the main mistake to avoid in future?

The mistake of not asking searching and pertinent questions.

Which business success are you most proud of?

Working with Grand Central Rail to produce an adventure story to help children enjoy the fun of rail travel but to be aware of the dangers. Our Team was so proud to be the winner of the National Rail Industry Award for Passenger Safety in 2017 and we were told after the ceremony that we had won the award for being proactive, not reactive.

What are your future ambitions for Madeley Enterprises?

We are already into a programme of translations having Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, and French versions of some of the books and we are looking to expand this. We are researching with animators to look at the feasibility of doing a short promotional ‘movie’ in the hopes that we can attract a major film producer such as Disney, Pixar or Netflix.

 Cones Filming in York

 Chris at Silcoates

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