Case Study – Business Enjoyment

Here at Yorkshire Powerhouse, we believe in the value of studying other successful businesses and organisations to allow you to develop new ideas and strategies that could benefit your own business. We keep these case studies snappy and easy to access to allow you to rapidly gather the relevant information:

When did Business Enjoyment start trading?

January 2017

Who started the business?

Andrew Miller

Tell us what you do and how you do it?

Help people to enjoy their business so much, it makes their bits tingle.

As well as working with people on a 121 basis, the easy way to get involved is via one of my Breathing Spaces. Low cost, high value discussion groups where we explore the different elements of the Business Enjoyment model, what they mean, how they apply to us and what changes we can make to enjoy our business and our life better.

Who buys your product/service?

We have a wide range of people attending our groups. From senior employees through to budding entrepreneurs without a business just yet. However, the ideal client is an established business owner who is fed up of tolerating unnecessary stresses, especially those caused by being a people pleaser or a perfectionist.

What makes your business stand out from the competitors?

I don’t think there is actually anything out there like this.

It’s not a networking group, though business has been passed. It’s not a mastermind group, though people do benefit from the experience of others. It’s not a coaching group, but people do discover things they never knew about themselves. It’s not a therapy session, but people do find it very therapeutic.

What are the main strengths of your business?

Personally, I have a unique blend of business and personal development skills.

As regards the Breathing Spaces, no matter where you are or what your budget is, there should be one accessible to you somewhere.

During this lockdown phase, they are all currently online and run at a range of times: morning, afternoon and evening.

There is no cost to try one out.

What are the main driving principles of your business?

It’s not about finding answers. It’s about finding better questions to ask. The more we explore and understand ourselves, the better we can make our business work for us.

Business is simple – it’s people that are complicated.

Success in business is about more than just sales and profits.

What’s your favourite business book and why?

That answer is going to change depending on who I’d be recommending it to and what for. If I had to pick one that I recommend most frequently I would probably say

“No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs” by Dan Kennedy.

Far and away the best book I’ve read on that subject.

What is the main lesson you’ve learned through painful experience?

The sooner you work on yourself, the quicker your business will grow.

What is the main mistake to avoid in the future?

Holding back.

I want to make some big changes in the world and it won’t do anyone any favours by being reticent in the process.

What would you say is your main success? Which business success are you most proud of.

I’d like to say the seven books I’ve published. In reality, it was being able to prevent a 79-year-old from being evicted from his house. He had been forced into bankruptcy as a result of being a guarantor on a business that was a victim of corporate identity fraud.

What are your future ambitions?

I will be looking to replicate the Breathing Space concept in other cities around the world so that we can create a global community of people who believe that business is about more than just money.

From there we will see discussions move to larger companies, to schools and to government – until we are able to measure success in business by how much we enjoy it, not just by how much we make.

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