Thornbury Collection Services

Thornbury Collection Services
Debt Recovery Services ... but we are so much more than just Debt Recovery!

Formed in 2002, Thornbury Collection Services Ltd began life collecting clients' unpaid invoices where our focus was that we never took sides. Our neutral stance is still the cornerstone of our collections ethos and we aim to help both parties reach an amicable agreement which ensures future business for our clients. Building on this foundation, we began helping our clients, and ultimately their own clients too, with all manner of cash flow issues.

So who do we help with debt recovery?

We recognise that debt recovery is probably the least enjoyed aspect of any business or company, mainly because most individuals have little knowledge or training in good collection practice. We offer a "No Win, No Fee" debt recovery service using our focused, flexible and specialised service.

What else do we do?

Don't let late payers cripple your cash flow, we can help you review your current credit policy and process, or if you do not have one help you implement one: including well-worded reminders, compliant with legal protocols, call cycles, credit checking and due diligence.  With our experience behind our credit control support packages we cant take the strain and the pain away allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Maybe you're with a factoring company but would like a review of your current arrangement, maybe you'd like to discuss Confidential Invoice Discounting, or maybe a hands on credit control package would suit you better. If you have a cash flow issue we will have a solution!

We have a whole range of clients, in all sorts of industries, each one having different needs!

Why don't we have an initial chat to discuss your options?

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Anita Pickersgill
07506 735705
Leeds, UK

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