Singularitee Limited

Singularitee Limited
Proactive IT support is at the core of what we do

If your computer systems were down, how long would it take your team to get them back up and running?

How much time would it need for the problem to be identified and then fixed? How many employees would be affected? And how much would that lost productivity cost you and your business?

What if your IT was boring?

What if your IT was so straightforward that you don’t even notice it’s there?

Proactive IT support is at the core of what we do. We believe that IT support should be less about fire-fighting and more about resolving issues long before they become problems.

By proactively monitoring and maintaining your network, we can reduce downtime and focus more on developing and refining IT solutions.

Couple this with paying a fixed monthly fee which includes everything, with no retainers, no pay-to-use and no block hours, managing your IT and your IT budget becomes a whole lot easier.

How proactive IT support can help:

➥ A digital marketing client who hosts its clients’ websites had challenges with regular system outages which was impacting the service they provided to their clients, resulting in lost business. Within 3 months we improved their IT infrastructure and the client has not had an outage since

➥ Automated an existing manual process to enable a client’s remote engineers to access the files they need anywhere in the world. Giving them the IT infrastructure to expand successfully into Europe

➥ Replaced computers for a client on which its previous IT provider had installed incorrectly licensed software, and sold them refurbed hardware as brand new

➥ Saved a client £5000 a month through consolidating their IT infrastructure to make it more efficient and the client more productive

➤➤ Want the confidence that your IT will work without interruption & save money on your IT whilst getting the same if not better performance? Say hello or grab a virtual coffee for an initial discussion.

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Adam Bovan
01274 925361
Hope Park Workspaces, Trevor Foster Way, Bradford, BD5 8HB

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