SAM Marketing and Networking

SAM Marketing and Networking
Business Networking in Huddersfield, Bradford/Leeds & Halifax (that you’ll enjoy!)

Who Else Wants ... to receive genuine business referrals and support from fellow businesses?

You do? Excellent. We do too, so do pop along to a meeting and see how we can help promote your business.

How To Survive ... your first SAM Networking meeting!

With coffee and breakfast. That’s all there is to it. Enjoy informal networking with everyone, we’re a friendly bunch. Bring lots of business cards/leaflets or even a roller banner if you wish.

Behind the scenes ... of SAM Networking in Huddersfield, Bradford/Leeds & Halifax.

I’m a qualified Marketer, so will constantly be promoting SAM Networking locally, in order to retain current members and attract new ones and make this the business networking group to aspire to become part of.

Contact name at business
Sam Hartley
07963 253878
Huddersfield, Halifax & Bradford

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