Rousseau Associates Ltd

Rousseau Associates Ltd
Providing Microsoft Excel based solutions for businesses achieving efficiencies and insight

Many businesses utilise Excel to perform very manual and labour-intensive processes. These are always exposed to elements of error and inconsistencies due to the nature of their execution.

One of the many features of Excel is to create a ‘program’ that will automate an Excel process with 100% accuracy. In addition to this, a return saving in the resource requirement to run the Excel process is almost always achieved.

Excel processes that once required minutes to hours to complete can be automated to a level that they can be processed from start to finish in seconds such is the power of Excel automation.

An Excel automation process is developed using a programming language called Visual Basic for Applications, VBA or VB6. The programming module (VBE – Visual Basic Editor) sits behind Microsoft Office and is available to use with all Microsoft Office products and is very powerful when utilised in the correct manner.

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