Practical Psychology Consultancy Ltd

Practical Psychology Consultancy Ltd
Supporting companies and workers in their productivity, well-being and safety and health challenges

Practical Psychology Consultancy Ltd supports organisations and workers in their productivity, well-being and safety and health challenges. It provides a bespoke service, as it has to respond to the uniqueness of each organisation, due to its work culture, work structures, and work climate.

Practical Psychology Consultancy Ltd's support to each organisation relies on a full understanding of the respective organisation and its workforce.

We offer a variety of services that can be contracted as an individual service, or can be combined, to provide a more in-depth assessment of the workplace.

The services include providing training, workshops, organisational risk assessments, the design and delivery of organisational services, to more individual support, such as through coaching and mentoring. These services will assess workplace challenges that could lead to poor safety practices, along with ill health, inclusive of work-related stress, work-related anxiety, work-related depression and work-related fatigue, and determine how best to move forward.

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Roxane Gervais
+44 (0)7887 743295

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