Postal Cake Pots

Postal Cake Pots
Can cake save the day? Freshly baked, thoughtful cakes by post

At Postal Cake Pots it’s about making people’s lives a little sweeter, we specialise in sending freshly baked delicious boxes of cakes and biscuits to celebrate a large variety of occasions.

What makes our boxes different to all the other postal treats out there?

Well, quite a lot actually, we have over 10 years professional experience in baking.

  • Our boxes contain our unique cake pots that are substantial enough to be posted but still taste as light, fresh and delicious as the morning they were baked.
  • All our biscuits are handmade and carefully decorated.
  • We truly believe the best local ingredients make the best bakes.
  • We also offer a Vegan range of postal gift boxes which are equally as delicious!
  • And let’s not forget the packaging – that’s important too. All postal pot packaging is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.
  • What you eat matters - The quality of what you send to someone else matters too.
  • If you’re a business, we can add your logo to the biscuits making them an excellent bespoke corporate gift.
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Liz Ashworth
Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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