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Translating Health and Safety jargon into understandable language!

Health and Safety is a complex field and one that could be keeping you awake at night, but there is no need.

At Pollard Safety Services we understand that many businesses struggle to keep up with Health & Safety compliance, assessments and reports, and even to know what they are responsible for.

We are here to share our extensive knowledge with you, to help you comply (where you need to) so you don’t need to worry and can relax and get that good night’s sleep.

  • Health and Safety Inspections
  • Assessment of Health and Safety Policies
  • Health and Safety Training and Support

I am happy to advise you on any safety service queries you may have. Get in touch for your free 30-minute discovery call to establish where you are on your health and safety journey and where your high priority gaps might be.

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Catherine Pollard
07956 552343
Barnsley, UK

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