Northern Editorial Services

Northern Editorial Services
Getting your business promoted through the media.

I’m a professionally-qualified Journalist with 32 years’ writing experience. I’ve written for a wide range of media titles from local Telegraph & Argus and Yorkshire Post to national The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Star.

Knowing what stories the media want,  I can write your news stories to ensure they get picked up by your target media.

Your Virtual Press Office (YVPO)  creates media coverage at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time in-house resource. You simply pay a £100 registration fee which gets you an in-depth interview with myself so I can fully understand your business, as well as your first press release.

Moving forwards, I’ll contact you at the beginning of each month, to ask if you’ve got any news stories you want me to write and place into the media. If not, that’s fine – you don’t pay a penny! If so, you pay just £50 per press release which covers writing, approval, despatch and any follow-up calls from the media. £100 to start and then £50 each time you use the service means you know exactly what you’re paying with no hidden costs and allows you to budget accurately.

Contact name at business
Andrew Vaux
07871 264 610
18 Tailor Close, Cleckheaton, BD19 6AT

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