Clare Downham – Queen of Calm

Clare Downham – Queen of Calm
The Only Coach to Bring You the Antidote to Self-Development
  • Are you tired of always searching for calm?
  • Have you been on a self-development hamster wheel forever?
  • Have you tried too many tools and techniques to count?
  • Are you sick of feeling like a never-ending project?
  • Do you always feel like there is a part of you that is not quite right?

Then the antidote to self-development is for you.

Through a gentle but transformational coaching conversation with me, you will be guided to finally see your amazing potential. There will be no tools, techniques or poking around in your past but there will be a whole new way of looking at things which will change every part of life; your business, your relationships, your productivity and your levels of creativity. As well as all that, you will reconnect to your innate confidence, calm and clarity and feel resilient no matter what life brings.

You will get back the time and money from ending the mission to fix yourself but most of all you will finally find yourself in a place of self-acceptance you probably didn’t think was possible.

Isn’t it time to stop fixing yourself and start living life to the full?

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Clare Downham
07747 774953
West Yorkshire and Worldwide Online

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