Business Enjoyment

Business Enjoyment
Why run a business if you're not enjoying what you do?

I've worked alongside business owners who have been in the depths of despair having lost everything -  through to really successful business owners who still suffer from stress and anxiety.

Regardless of how successful our business is, we have the capacity to make things difficult for ourselves and end up not being happy or enjoying what we do.

That is not right.

My mission is to create a world where enjoyment is the key measure of success, not just sales and profit.

I run low cost, unique online discussion groups called 'Breathing Spaces' to help us all understand what it means to enjoy business, where we're getting it right and where things can be even better.

Go to my website and click on the 'Breathing Spaces' tab to find out more or simply follow this link:

Breathing Spaces

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Andrew Miller
03300 553716

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