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AurumGold, a brand you can trust!
AurumGold supports organisations by helping them improve the Financial Wellbeing of their employees

Hello, I’m Phill Holdsworth, Founder of AurumGold, we specialise in Money Psychology – which is about improving your self-awareness that affects your choices and behaviours concerning your money, and Financial Wellbeing, the practical management of your personal finances.

We do this through our Financial Wellbeing Programme, in conjunction with our 1 to 1 money coaching as and when required.

77% of UK employees say that money worries affect their work. At AurumGold Ltd we help organisations support their employees financial wellbeing by promoting confidence, greater control and peace of mind when they manage their money.

Helping people understand their emotional relationship with money whilst developing better money management skills ensures rational financial decision making and builds resilience for the future. This then reduces stress, improves engagement, productivity and promotes greater loyalty.

AurumGold can help!

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Phillip Holdsworth
01423 586311
Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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