Webs of Influence by Nathalie Nahai

Webs of Influence: Yorkshire Powerhouse Score 9/10

Psychology for the serious web designer!

Who will gain the most from reading this book?

Seriously minded web designer and not for the faint-hearted.

Core Content

Webs of Influence is an excellent book that translates some well-established psychological concepts into easy-to-understand everyday language. Nathalie has an easily digestible style of writing and it’s all nicely presented to make it easy to absorb. Interesting reading for how to influence human behaviour and decision-making and some great advice for web design.

A fair chunk of the first two sections called ‘Know who you are targeting’ and ‘Communicate persuasively’ provides a lot of generally familiar business psychology. However, the last section ‘Selling with Integrity’ usefully explores a website’s professional look-and-feel versus its content in order to elicit those all-important repeated clicks – where the “secret strategies” in the title come into play.

Make no mistake Nathalie Nahai is a serious psychologist, reading this book could well persuade some readers to seek a career in psychology it is so fascinating in places. In places the concepts are a bit scary, should web experts and those who design websites be able to manipulate us so easily.

However, its insights into the psychology of influence are relevant to all aspects of marketing and sales. The text is thoroughly researched and referenced. The book is also beautifully designed, with nice clear graphics. If you want to know how to target your audience, develop messages that will appeal to them and convert them to your cause, then Natalie Nahai provides all the essential information you need. It draws on the latest research and is full of useful facts and insights. For example, viewing websites on tablets encourages far deeper levels of engagement.

Despite its complex subject, the book is split into three simple sections, the last of which gives the reader confidence that the book is not aiming at embezzling money from all and sundry.

(1) Know Who Your Targeting,

(2) Communicate Persuasively

(3) Sell with Integrity

One could read the book from cover to cover, but you’re more likely to consume it in fits and starts, and that’s due to the practical application material that ends each section. This was obviously a conscious choice, where the author decided to trust that the reader is a true practitioner and not a casual reader.

There are nuggets of genius for the amateur as well. Odd numbers feel smaller than even, 9 is less than 8 when we look quickly, always price in odd numbers.

Could a Yorkshire perspective improve Webs of Influence?

This science is the opposite of the straight-talking business advice we encourage in Yorkshire, I’d be scared to let the author into Yorkshire for fear of what she might find out!

One of the strongest aspects of this book is the deeply fact-based approach the Author takes to the work. Too often when it comes to psychology in general and especially web psychology every man and his dog is quick to self-label themselves an expert in the field of psychology, despite being completely lacking in any formal training in the subject.

The author of Webs of Influence does not suffer from the usual lack of academic credibility and by holding formal qualifications in psychology Nathalie inspires confidence in the findings that the work draws. When it comes to psychology work it should be left to the professionals, precisely because of the ambiguity associated with the field.

Webs of Influence Review Takeaway:

The book is only available in print because its beautiful imagery is an essential part of the read, don’t fight it. Yorkshire Powerhouse thinking,

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