The Sticking Point Solution by Jay Abraham

Yorkshire Powerhouse Score 6/10

Another business book by an American author who’s ‘painfully’ American in style! If you don’t want to grind the enamel off your teeth, avoid the audio book which is read by the author himself and will reduce the average Yorkshire business owner to a full and murderous rage in seconds – HOWEVER, there’s no arguing with the overall message.

If you want further evidence of the ego that is Jay Abraham, just visit and listen to the home page introduction video where Jay is presented as a ‘Marketing Legend’ and ‘THE highest paid marketing consultant in the World’!!!

Who will gain the most from reading The Sticking Point Solution?

Anyone who’s interested in pulling their business from ‘average’ to ‘exceptional’ with straight forward thinking, blunt speaking and an impressive number of lists to action against.

Core Content

The Sticking Point Solution was written for businesses struggling to cope in an economic downturn – originally published in 2009 following the Global crash and trying to ride on the wave of economic depression! The main premise being that businesses get stuck for 4 main reasons:

  • No growth plan or growth strategy in place
  • No sales and marketing strategy in place
  • Not using the data and metrics they have access to and not using smart targets to measure performance
  • Not setting ‘appropriate goals’ for the business

In other words, businesses get stuck because they’re not thinking straight and not creating a strong core of planning and strategic thinking. Here at Yorkshire Powerhouse, we agree that these are essential elements for any business, small or large.

In offering a solution, Jay does love presenting you with list after list after action-plan list – you get the gist? His nine ‘solutions’ to becoming unstuck are based on the solid foundations of;

  • Not innovating enough.
  • Not selling enough.
  • Fear of changing your message, online presentation, customer journey.
  • Lacking a ‘migration strategy’ to move clients along and upsell to them.
  • Fundamentally failing to strategise at all.
  • Failing to control costs and an inability to measure ‘value’.
  • Continuing to keep doing what’s clearly not working.
  • Not being exceptional or different to the ‘standard market’.
  • Not using marketing strategically, efficiently or effectively.
  • Trying to do it yourself instead of using experts.

Again, it’s hard to argue with the above bullet points – they’re all valid and strong messages. At the end of each of the nine main chapters, Jay encourages you to take an immediate action step and most of these suggestions are easy to implement but of little value without wider thinking and application.

The end result is a book that genuinely provides clarity to ‘kick starting’ the strategy within a business, it contains credible content but would be difficult to embed in a business without high level support and guidance. However, on the basis that Jay is ‘THE highest paid marketing consultant in the World’, we’d suggest looking to Yorkshire first!!!

Could a Yorkshire perspective improve this book?

Definitely – we’re not in America and Jay’s approach is simply too harsh to completely implement in this region. However, the book is at home in Yorkshire because of it’s blunt, straight talking and simple advice – just keep your stetson out of reach!

Review Takeaway:

The Sticking Point Solution is a worthwhile but challenging read. The overall message is based on building a strong business with a genuine strategy and a killer sales and marketing system – nothing wrong with that as a concept … but quite hard to actually implement when you’re in the middle of business. Stewart Leahy, Yorkshire Powerhouse

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