Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Yorkshire Powerhouse Score: 6/10

An important observation of women in the world today whether they are a high-powered exec or a stay at home mother. Sandberg’s mission to get us all to make a difference is powerful and compelling.

This is an excellent and inspiring book for all girls and boys, women as well as men.

It guides the reader to rediscover our behaviours in daily life and the workplace, many of which we come to a surprising realisation only after she points out.

The book also addresses many of the real difficulties facing women today, that women are trapped in a double standard where they are expected to be fully dedicated workers (which frequently means working overtime and showing themselves to be really committed) and to be full-time perfect mothers. Since the energy of a person is limited, this goal is intrinsically impossible.

Sheryl also points out how the societal norms, workplace flexibility, and even the welfare system especially regarding paternity leave further strengthen the obstacles.

All being said, the book flows extremely well and is very easy to understand, although a significant amount of research had been done on it. Lean In is a great book for inspiration and self-motivation and will challenge you to rethink the common ‘daily life’ conventions we are accustomed to.

The book does require some critical review though; the focus on her as an individual is a little cloying and also the contention that to get on, one needs to be an extrovert and project confidence is to reinforce stereotypes of leaders that are damaging to really great performance.

Read this book and then Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday and see where your thinking ends up!

Who will gain the most from reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg?

Anybody, male or female coming into the world of work and beginning to think about the impression they want to make.

Could a Yorkshire perspective improve this book?

Inevitably the story of a high-powered exec who works for Facebook in the USA is going to be remote from our Yorkshire Heritage, she’d find our ladies already pretty good at Leaning In.

Review Takeaway:

It is worth considering how you come across and how you ensure valid opinions are heard in the workplace, in every case the noisy person, whether female or male is not always the one with the best ideas! Book Reviews, Yorkshire Powerhouse

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