Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestley

Key Person of Influence: Yorkshire Powerhouse Score: 9/10

The five step method to become one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry.

Who will gain most from reading this book?

An entrepreneur looking to develop a business based on their own name and their own expertise.

Core Content

The Key Person of Influence is a genuine blueprint for anyone looking to set themselves up as a consultant or expert in a field, the more niche the better. It is most definitely not a book written by a “so called” expert looking to establish credentials.

The positivity shines out, and the author has credibility through his achievements.

The author challenges the reader with a series of very pertinent questions:

  • If I started completely afresh in my career, what would I love to be doing?
  • What comes easy to you that is harder for others?
  • If you had to apply your skills purely for the fun of it, what would you do?

There is a “penny drop” moment when the author notes; ”in the modern economy hard work is not a competitive advantage any more – people who work hard struggle to make any money.” It’s easy to disagree with this statement as written but the underlying sentiment is that hard work alone is not enough.

The sentiment is reinforced by a whole section on vitality, which almost has the reader leaping out of their chair to go achieve something; vitality is more important than functionality, functionality is replaceable and therefore a commodity. The definition of vital is described in two ways, irreplaceable and life force, which are the direct opposite of commodity.

Priestley contends that if you do what you love, what you enjoy and focus on a real expertise, the more niche the better, then that will shine through in vitality. This vitality in turn will shine through in creativity, innovation, leadership, boldness, robustness, insights and breakthroughs.

Key Person of Influence provides more than inspiration though, it has practical observations on how to turn energy and knowledge into money. It demands that anyone set on creating a career as an expert consultant gets great at pitching their ideas, projecting their value, building their profile and partnering with other people of influence.

Could a Yorkshire perspective improve this book?

Really difficult to criticize this offering, for our readers wishing to keep to Yorkshire he could perhaps have included a global to national to local thought process, but that is not difficult to work out for yourself.

An outline of the five P’s helps the memory after the book is concluded, pitch, publish, product, people and partnership. There are some scathing examples of pitches that don’t work in order to highlight the importance of getting this right at the outset.

The most useful portion of the book were the elements pointing towards product and what actually changes hands for money, the demand for clarity on what an expert actually sells versus how they project their knowledge and expertise is a real game changer once implemented. The simple line of “publishing creates credibility, products create cash” is obvious but not easy to enact.

Once you have read Key Person of Influence you will judge every expert and consultant you meet against the standards it sets, it also pretty easy to correlate success and wealth against the degree to which they deploy this methodology.

Review Takeaway:

If I were setting out to be a consultant based on my expertise, I’d read this book every week for a year until I was following its mantra. Yorkshire Powerhouse Thinking,

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