Graceful by Seth Godin

Graceful by Seth Godin: Yorkshire Powerhouse Score 8/10

With Seth Godin you expect an insightful business book, this is an insightful life book.

Who will gain the most from reading this book?

A business leader who wants to lead through ethics, grace and the sharing of ideas.

Core Content

This is a short review, it’s a short book of only 45 pages!

The simple message, in the new world of business, ‘sharing, generosity & cooperation’ beats ‘aggressive competition’ hands down; both with respect to business and in life too.

Seth Godin explores the innate human qualities we have – kindness, generosity, creativity and fear. He shines a light on all of them and in doing so illuminates them so that we recognise there is another way of doing business, another way of doing life. He encourages leadership based on knowledge, character and the type of behaviours we see in people we admire.

The book considers how, when a society creates ‘value’ by manufacturing or allocating limited resources, organisations seek scarcity. They seek to protect the resources from others. Godin argues that the modern economy is based on abundance, the abundance that comes from ideas and access. If I benefit when everyone knows my idea, then the more people I give the idea to, the better we all do.

In a seven billion person world, there are no shortages of followers. What the world now demands is leaders. Human beings who can engage in what it really means to be a person, to forge connections, to see a path and make a difference.

A core fundamental in the book is the definition of fear, or risk. Godin describes how risk used to be fatal. Risk used to be fatal.

Godin seeks to illustrate that today ‘safe’ is risky and ‘listening to fear’ is risky. If you avoid all things that you are afraid of, you will become boring, mediocre and ignored … and this is the state we now need to be scared of!

Review Takeaway:

Go. Make something happen. Yorkshire Powerhouse thinking,

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