Double Your Business by Lee Duncan

Double Your Business: Yorkshire Powerhouse Score 6/10

A blueprint to improve every process imaginable.

Who will gain the most from reading this book?

Leaders of small established businesses looking to break out of a mire.

Core Content

The author of Double Your Business, Lee Duncan comes across as a likeable and practical advisor, the website linked to the book is equally user friendly.

Double Your Business focuses on a three part solution to business growth, in the first section the book asks the reader to explore the barriers to growth, why they are not surging ahead. The author tells them where to look and what to think about.

Throughout there are plenty of real life examples in all three sections to bring the practical aspect of this book to life and help the reader relate their own business to the tasks at hand. However, this early part of the book is so focused on problems and barriers to growth there is a tendency for the reader to become subdued and despairing before they get to focus on doubling anything! Hang on in there though, the solutions are worth waiting for and ploughing through the darkness.

The second part of the book highlights very sound methods for fixing the barriers that exist and thereafter the real strength of the book comes to the fore with a plethora of 22 so called Growth Blueprints, each of which has useful worksheets on everything from finance to selecting the team members.

If the reader pursued the project and actually filled the worksheets in and then took action, they would indeed be better equipped to thrive in the business world.

There is however, no doubt about the authors intention in writing Double Your Business, he wants to give his own work as a consultant credibility and produce a framework for his own approach to guiding business owners. This was a pretty leading edge approach in 2012, as we hit 2019 the approach is somewhat transparent and loses the book some credibility.

Could a Yorkshire perspective improve this book?

The sales section of this book ignores the advent of the computer, never mind the internet.

Double Your Business challenges hard the way a business leader does business, it provides plenty of scope for improving process. However, it does very little to ask the reader to consider what they are seeking to achieve or do in the first place, nor does it ask them to assess whether their overall business model is optimised.

Overall, the book is dedicated to asking the reader to dedicate themselves to process improvement with plenty of aids to keep them on task, it does not seek to encourage a step backwards to consider whether the business cause or model is worth doubling. Perhaps a bit too much of, “work harder and smarter and it’ll be all right.”

Review Takeaway:

Use the book as it was intended, a workbook to be thoughtfully completed and then acted upon. Yorkshire Powerhouse Thinking,

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