Business for Punks by James Watt

Business for Punks: Yorkshire Powerhouse Score 2/10

Break all the rules – the Brewdog Way; this book breaks all the rules too!

Who will gain the most from reading this book?

Any entrepreneur with a real passion, nothing to lose and 140 hours a week to spend trying to lose it.

Core Content

Reading about James Watt and his partner’s journey as they created Brewdog and grew it to £50M turnover is fascinating. The descriptions of their creativity, ingenuity and sheer guts is breath-taking and as a descriptor of how they won, and how they thought whilst they were fighting the battle, the book is amazing.

If the book was constructed as memoirs of a business punk, the Yorkshire Powerhouse score would have been 10/10.

However, it is not constructed as a memoir of a young man doing business his way. Instead, the book appears to be intended as a guide to young business people intending to start a business. Its contents are supposed to be a blueprint for success and intended for imitation, whereas in truth, James Watt and his partner, the product they were selling and marketing, and the objective they were seemingly aiming for are unique.

It is almost bordering on the reckless for this book to infer that a business selling other more conventional, less passion evoking products, in less emotional markets could be constructed in the same seat of the pants, risk taking way.

The book is full of absolute certainties! Anyone who disagrees, whoever they are, become fools, imbeciles, idiots, morons and other such descriptions that are reminiscent of those who bluster rather than use the power of the English language to construct an argument.

There are some good pieces of advice worthy of note:

  • Don’t delegate the understanding of your finances to anyone else.
  • Decide what the value and price of your product is and don’t compromise for short term gain.

It is hugely indicative of this book that references to real thinkers like Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw and Kurt Kobain are constructed in the text, whereas his own quotes are in huge letters shown in white on black.

Got to stop this review now or it’ll turn into a diatribe … egotistical crap sold under the guise of business advice.

Could a Yorkshire perspective improve this book?

No self-respecting Yorkshireman would have written this narcissisitic piece of drivel. A little humility and a lot more intelligence would improve it.

Review Takeaway:

There is no doubt that James Watt will relish this bad review, no publicity is bad publicity will be his mantra. Yorkshire Powerhouse Thinking,

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