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Welcome … so you want to find out about Yorkshire Powerhouse?

The Yorkshire Powerhouse team are straight talking, hugely experienced, business advocates.

We have pooled our resources to provide a site full of direct and very real business advice, we use the sponsorship of our advertisers to fund our activity.

We are simply frustrated by the statistics … according to the Office for National Statistics, in Yorkshire and Humber we have around 198,000 active businesses in the region.  BUT every year around 23,000 new businesses launch and 24,000 fail – business failure can be for all sorts of reasons but it’s very rare that a business is launched with it’s ending being wished for!  (click here for the stats)

One of our stated ambitions is to reduce business failure levels through straight talking, simple business advice … BECAUSE, if we can create more PROFITABLE businesses the the region wins, the business owners win, their customers and suppliers win – it’s a wonderful, virtuous circle.

Our ambition and motivation is to turn Yorkshire into a hotbed of start-up businesses that are hugely successful and to ultimately create a family of like-minded people that are willing and able to guide the next generation of businesses based on their own successful experiences.

The constantly changing structure and picture of national, regional and local government support for start-up businesses can be tricky to navigate (and frustratingly, often lacking in real business experience and plain ‘Yorkshire’ honesty).  Many times, we’ve witnessed governmental business support being more of a ‘box ticking exercise’ aimed at complying with the funding outcomes than to actually care about the new businesses and we think this is a shame!

On a positive note, we certainly seek to work in partnership with support organisations in the region but we also want to provide a ‘reliable constant’ through the frequently changing political and funding environment that unfortunately drives the majority of SME support from local, regional and national government.

We hope our website menu structure is clear and easy to navigate.  You won’t find a paywall or requirement to sign up … but if you would like to subscribe to our weekly newsletter then please feel free to join the thousands of other Yorkshire businesses who’ve also done so.

We’ll always welcome your feedback and suggestions – just drop us a line if you have anything to mention or if you think we’re missing something.

Throughout this site, you will find hints, advice, tips and free downloads – please make use of them all and let us know if you have any further suggestions or requests.

About Yorkshire Powerhouse

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